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UKE Microscopy Imaging Facility (DFG Research Infrastructure Portal: RI_00489)


MINFLUX microscopy made the visualization of SARS-CoV2 virus molecules possible.

(1) Confocal, (2) MINFLUX, (3) MINFLUX superimposed with EM,

(4) schematic overlay with SARS-CoV2 model


GFAP (for astrocytes) / Iba-1 (microglia) / Hoechst (nucleus).

Author: Prof Saez


Optical nerve

Tiled scan


Heart tissue section


Detyrosinated tubulin in neurons.

left = confocal, right = STED

Super-resolution 3D dSTORM image of microtubules

Alpha-tubulin in HeLa cells.

Color-coded z-distribution.


Multicolor labeling of an eukaryotic cell.

red =actin, green = focal adhesions, blue = DAPI


3D reconstruction of CLN3-vesicles and lysosomes in HeLa cells.

green = CLN3-GFP, red = lysosomes


Multi-color HeLa cells

green = F-Actin, red = alpha-Tubulin, gray = TOMM-20

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Latest news and events

Evident workshop

Dear users.
Our workshop season becomes hot:
The next appointment I would like to bring to your attention is with Evident.
Evident will promote a compact, easy to handle, powerful slide scanner imaging system that is not the classical wide field slide scanner: it can produce images with confocal resolutions also in 3D.

When: 26.09-28.09.
Where:    lecture: seminar room 14, building N27
               practical sections: seminar room 1, building N45

To get more information and for the registration link please look at the flyer below (registration is free of charge).
As always you are all warmly invited to join and let join everyone might with to participate.

Thank you very much to make this fantastic imaging community
best wishes

Antonio Virgilio Failla


Evident workshop

Lunaphore - The Spatial Biology Tour

Dear users,

I am happy and thrilled  to announce that the 12.10. we will be hosting a very interesting meeting: the spatial biology tour from Lunaphore: The aim of this meeting is to introduce the "spatial revolution" to the scientific community. This meeting will be focus on:

  1. How spatial biology is used in research areas such as immuno-oncology, neuroscience, immunology and infectious diseases;
  2. How to leverage your existing antibody libraries when performing high-parameter spatial tissue analysis;
  3. The benefits of an end-to-end spatial biology solution to interrogate your samples and extract biological insights.

You can find the registration link in the flyer below and registration for this event is free of charge.

We are all warmly invited and please extend this invitation to every one you think  might be interested.

Looking forward to see many of you registering !!!

Best wishes

Antonio Virgilio Failla


lunaphore workshop flyer2

Andor&Imaris Workshop

Dear light microscopy passionate users:

Our day there is a high demand within biomedical research to establish reliable simple but also high content imaging protocols. Beside imaging a bigger challenge is how to turn the huge amount of imaging data into quantitative data points as well as presenting convincing images and movies.

UMIF is happy to present Andor/IMARIS solution to this important need.

They will offer a workshop divided in 3 parts introduction/imaging and data visualization and quantification.

We are all warmly invited to attend but practical slots are limited therefore we need to register (registration free of charges  by using the link present on the attached flyer.

Please feel free to extend this invite all you think might be interested.

For detailed schedule of the workshop please see attached flyer.

If you have any questions about the workshop please do not hesitate to contact me.

Please follow this link to the Andor&Imaris Workshop event page for a brief description and details about the microscope and the software.

Best wishes

Antonio Virgilio Failla


Andor Imaris Workshop

Schaefer-Tec Webinar

Are you interested to know how far and how powerful is label less Holotomography applied to live cell imaging?

This would be the seminar for you.

For more details please go to the Schaefer-Tec Tomocube Webinar Event and please look also at the flyer below!!

Please use to above link also to register (registration free of charge) and get the webinar link!!

Please extend this invitation to everyone might be interested !!!

I am really looking forward to this super interesting webinar!!!

best wishes

Antonio Virgilio Failla


 Schaefer Tec webinar

New imaging groups joined network

Recently, two UKE imaging groups joined the microscopy network

Institute for Synaptic Physiology (ISP), Prof. Dr. Thomas Oertner

Cell Communication and Migration Laboratory (CCM), Prof. Dr. Pablo Sáez


Follow the links for more information about the groups and visit - The microscopy network in Hamburg

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