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Andor&Imaris Workshop
From Tuesday 12 September 2023 -  10:30am
To Thursday 14 September 2023 - 12:00am
Contact a.failla{at}

Dear light microscopy passionate users:

Our day there is a high demand within biomedical research to establish reliable simple but also high content imaging protocols. Beside imaging a bigger challenge is how to turn the huge amount of imaging data into quantitative data points as well as presenting convincing images and movies.

UMIF is happy to present Andor/IMARIS solution to this important need.

They will offer a workshop divided in 3 parts introduction/imaging and data visualization and quantification.

We are all warmly invited to attend but practical slots are limited therefore we need to register (registration free of charges by using the link present on flyer below).

Please feel free to extend this invite all you think might be interested.

For detailed  schedule of the workshop please see the flyer below.

If you have any questions about the workshop please do not hesitate to contact me.

Andor Imaris Workshop

In the following a brief description:

The main aim of the workshop is to offer a 3 phase workflow: 1) image acquisition of samples on a benchtop widefield and confocal microscope; 2)  2D, 3D and 4D image analysis, 3D visualisation; 3) presentation of results as a final graph for publications.

This workshop is designed for beginners and experienced microscopy and IMARIS users. Attendees will get the chance to acquire end-point measurements from their fixed samples on the new benchtop spinning-disk confocal BC43 with 3 fast detecting modalities (widefield, confocal, brightfield including differential phase contrast) in 4 colours (DAPI, GFP, RFP, Cy5).

Basics will be discussed during the Tuesday session with 2 lectures (also online available)

About the microscope:

BC43 is a new real Benchtop confocal based on high end systems with double disc design (pinholes and micro lenses) and SCMOS camera, designed for:

-        Brightfield including Differential Phase contrast, Widefield and confocal mode.

-        Cellular samples 2D and 3D

-        Speed

-        Low photo toxicity and bleaching

-        Magnification ranges from 2-60x (up to 100x), including objectives with high aperture and immersion.

-        4 main excitation lasers (405/488/561/638 nm) and corresponding emission wavelengths

About the software:

IMARIS is the leading imaging software from BITPLANE.

-        3D/4D visualisation and 3D/4D Object rendering

-        Capability of analysing and visualisation big data sets (e.g., light sheet data)

-        Block wise calculation of images. 

-        Stitching of Images (also big data)

-        Machine Learning based object classification.

-        Machine Learning based pixel classification with Labkit

-        Tracking Algorithms for object tracing

-        Open programming interface for Matlab and Python scripts

-        Automatic analysis of cellular components

-        Data analysis plotting tool

-        etc …

New features version 10:

-        New AI supported Filament Tracer for 3D reconstruction of neurons, vessels and arborization analysis.

-        Multi-scale seed points

-        6 rendering models for Filament Tracing

-        Machine Learning point classification

Location N27, SR14 (lecture) and N45, SR1 (hands-on)
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