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Open positions at Abberior Instruments

If someone of you is potentially interested to work in the industry direction microscopy, please consider the job offerings of the company Abberior (leader in super resolution optical microscopy) below.

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Leica Imaging Workshop 09.-25. Feb '22

In cooperation with Leica Microsystems and the Centre for Structural Systems Biology (CSSB) Hamburg, we invite you to attend a series of talks and product showcases featuring the STELLARIS 8 FALCON confocal and THUNDER Imager widefield systems.

Join this exciting workshop and learn how these microscopy innovations can make a difference to your research.

To participate to any event of the workshop, registration is necessary (please follow the links below), but there are no registration fees. You are all invited to participate and you can extend this invitation to anyone you think might be interested.


Wednesday 9th February, ONLINE PRESENTATION >>>> click HERE for details and registration <<<<
The experienced Leica team of advanced workflow specialists will present the innovation and application possibilities of both systems. Put your questions to their experts and discuss your application needs.


Monday 21st - Friday 25th February, LIVE PRODUCT SHOWCASE >>>> click HERE for details and registration <<<<
Come to the UKE Microscopy Facility (UMIF) for a personal demonstration and try the systems out with your own microscopy samples. 


Important!! Please send a feedback Email to Dr. Antonio Virgilio Failla (a.failla{at} if you intend to participate to the webinars and the practical tests (the latest will be necessary for reserving you time and for respecting the security regulation).


CREST X-Light workshop

In the frame of the UMIF workshop series 2021/2022, there will be an exciting webinar about the CREST X-Light V3 L-FOV Spinning Disk Confocal System.

It will take place on 26th November 2021 @ 10 a.m., and you can register via the form >>>>> HERE <<<<< to receive the webinar link.

The CREST X-LIGHT V3 L-FOV Spinning Disk confocal System is a customizable dual-camera system with a large field of view, integrated into Nikon's inverted microscope platform (Ti2 + NIS-Elements software). If you are interested, please register and share this information.

Are you also interested in testing the system with your own samples? Hands-on session will be possible between 02.12.-10.12.2021 at Campus Forschung. Please send an Email to a.failla{at} and Dr. Antonio Virgilio Failla will organize a testing slot for you.

CREST X Light workshop

Olympus AI Image Analysis Lunch&Learn Webinar

This interesting webinar (07.12.2021 between 11:30-12:30) will focus your attention on  a novel approach to quantify your imaging data, teaching the computer how to do it: deep learning.
If you are curious and you would like to know how it works, what it can do and how it can impact your research please do not hesitate to join, it is for free and you are warmly invited!!!
When you send the registration email  (in order to get the webinar link) please make Dr. Antonio Virgilio Failla in cc (a.failla{at}
Please extend the invitation to anyone you think might be interested!

Olympus AI webinar

Course "Light microscopy from single molecule to live embryo"

Dear all
in collaboration with the university of Tübingen I am giving a series of lectures about light microscopy.
The lectures are strongly biologically oriented but there will be presented also Nano-technological applications.
Please find more information about how to join the course and about the topics that will be presented in this >> FILE << and in the individual lectures in the Event section of this webpage.

If you are interested please register sending email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

You are all warmly invited to join and to extend this invitation to anyone you think might be interested.
Best wishes
Antonio Virgilio Failla

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Open position at Abberior

Open position at Abberior

on 30 October 2019

If someone of you is potentially interested to work in the industry direction microscopy please consider the job offer of the company Abberior (leader in super resolution optical microscopy) below.

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Facility rooms closed until 22.03.2020

on 18 March 2020

In the need to introduce hygienic procedures in order to ensure safe working conditions we close the facility rooms till Sunday 22.03 included. Facility services as experiments planning, microscope purchasing...

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