Abberior MINFLUX

Abberior MINFLUX

Location: Campus Forschung (N27), room 01.068, first floor

Excitation laser lines: 405nm, 488nm (cw), 561 (cw), 561nm (pulsed), 640 (cw), 640nm (pulsed & cw)

MINFLUX laser lines: 561nm, 640nm

MINFLUX imaging modes: 2D, 3D

STED laser line: 775nm

STED imaging modes: 2D, 3D

Software: Abberior Imspector

Funding: European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) under the Operational Programme Hamburg ERDF 2014-2020, REACT-EU, awarded by the Hamburgische Investitions- und F√∂rderbank (IFB). Grant no. 51164232

MicroscopeOlympus IX83

100x UPlanXApo

NA: 1.45

WD (mm): 0.13

Detectors4xAPD, 1PMT
Excitation laser lines [nm]

Pulsed & continuous wave: 640

Pulsed: 561

Continuous wave: 405, 488, 561, 640

MINFLUX laser lines [nm]561, 640
 STED laser line
 STED lasers

MPB Communications PFL-40-3000-775-B1R


Output power 3W 
Repetition rate40MHz 
Pinhole sizeVariable
2D/3D MINFLUXLocalization precision 1-3 nm in XY (2D mode) and in Z (3D mode)
Gated STEDResolution <30x30nm in XY
Detection channels
  • GFP: 500-550
  • Cy3: 605-625
  • Cy5 near: 650-685
  • Cy5 far: 685-720
Filters for epi-fluorescence

Filtersystem (em.-color, dye): Quad-band, EX | BS | EM [nm]

  • DAPI: 387/11 | 410 | 440/40
  • FITC, Star488: 485/20 | 504 | 521/21
  • CY3, AF594: 559.5/25 | 582 | 607/34
  • FLUX-640, AlexaFluor647, StarRED: 649.5/13 | 669 | 700/45
UV-VIS illuminationCoolLED pE-4000, 16 LEDs for excitation in the range 365-770 nm
Halogen lamp100W, standard housing
SoftwareAbberior Imspector

Electronically deformable mirrors for 3D MINFLUX @ 640 nm and localization precision 1-3nm in XYZ

easy3D STEDSpatial light modulator for 3D STED @ 775 nm and resolution <100x100x100nm in XYZ
AlignmentMotorized auto-alignment of all lasers and pinhole
Motorized XY stageOlympus
XYZ stabilization

Physic Instruments PI Nano XYZ, active sample stabilization with nm precision alongs all 3 dimensions

975nm laser (Cobolt), CCD camera (The Imaging Source)


QUADscan beam scanner

Ultra fast beam scanner for MINFLUX imaging

Actively damped optical tableThorlabs


2D/3D Multicolor MINFLUX, 2D/3D Multicolor STED, Confocal, gated detection, Imspector, Superresolution, Tracking
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